Project List


Examination of natural resource evaluation systems

“Natural Resource Evaluation Systems: Assessment of Best Practices for the Tahoe Regional Planning Agency” Tahoe Science Advisory Council Technical Report | October 2017

Threshold Technical Cleanup

“Guidance on Technical Clean Up of Existing Threshold Standards”

Threshold System Structure


Vehicle Miles Traveled Review

“Final report: Vehicle Miles Traveled Review”

Prepared for the Tahoe Science Advisory Council Threshold Update 2017-18

By John Mejia, Eric Wilcox, Sandra Rayne and Ehsan Mosadegh, July 2018, Revised, March 2019

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Sustainable Recreation Review

“Recreation Associated Impacts in the Lake Tahoe Basin” (May 7, 2018, currently posted)

Threshold System Structure 

“Final Guidance Document on the Administrative/ Technical Clean‐up of Existing Thresholds Standards”

Water Quality Threshold – Applying System Structure

“Implementation of a System Structuring Approach for Water Quality Threshold Standards”


 SEZ Threshold Review

"Tahoe Stream Environmental Zones Review"

Drivers of Vehicle Miles Traveled

In process

Science to Action

Clarity Science to Action Plan

“Science to Action Planning, Project Briefing and Science Vision for Lake Tahoe”

Tahoe Science Advisory Council Report, August 2019

Summer/Winter Clarity Trend Analysis

“Lake Tahoe Seasonal and Long-Term Clarity Trend Analysis”

Tahoe Science Advisory Council Report, October 2020

Upland Ecosystem Science to Action Brief 2021-2021

Upland Ecosystem Science to Action Plan: Integrated Research to Inform Greater Resilience in the Lake Tahoe Basin Uplands, Tahoe Science Advisory Council Report, October 2020

Data Synthesis and Analysis

June 2021 Executive Briefing on Lake Tahoe Clarity and Associated Conditions, Tahoe Science Advisory Council Report, June 2021

Report on the Status of the Lake Clarity Model

Co-chair support

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Upper Truckee River Decision Support

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