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Threshold Structure

Threshold Review

Reinforcing our Commitment

The Council conducted a technical  assessment of the TRPA’s existing threshold standards related to the 2015 Threshold Evaluation (TVAL) Report. Documents below describe the TRPA assessment process, a copy of the Council's comments on the proposed assessment process, and a second memo from the Council summarizing its review of the TRPA response to Council comments.​

Clean-up of Existing Thresholds

The threshold standard assessment identified 46 overlapping standards in the  system. Redundancy in threshold standards can increase the cost of enforcement and monitoring, confuse i standard implementation, and add uncertainty around the intent and meaning of the threshold standards. Through examination of the existing threshold standards, the Council  identified five types of overlap: (1) complete overlap, (2) wholly encompassing standards, (3) competing targets, (4), indirect overlap, and (5) policy and management statements that overlap existing standards. The final report  describes these overlap types and offers potential strategies to avoid or resolve overlap.

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