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Science to Action

The Tahoe Science Advisory Council (Council) has developed Science to Action Plans that guide research and monitoring needs to promote the resilience of Tahoe ecosystems, focusing on the threat of climate change and the persistence of valued benefits and services. While the plans are currently separated as aquatic and upland ecosystems, the Council seeks to unite these plans in a cohesive, basin-wide plan. The objective is to provide decision-relevant science that informs policy and that will anticipate critical or emerging issues relevant to lake water quality and ecosystem health.



The aquatic Science to Action Plan prioritizes research needed to refine our understanding of Lake Tahoe’s clarity and water quality conditions. The current  recommendations are being used guide the investment of immediately available funding, while the...

Upland Ecosystem

The Upland Ecosystem Science to Action establishes  a forward-looking vision for near- and long-term research that improves future outcomes, promotes resilience, protects resources, adapts to change, and enhances ecological and community sustainability.

Contact Tahoe Science Advisory Council

291 Country Club Dr.
Incline Village NV 89451


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