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Examination of Natural Resource Evaluation System

The challenge of setting, evaluating, and reporting on benchmarks for environmental quality and resource condition is not unique to the Lake Tahoe Basin. Across the country and around the world, government agencies and stakeholder groups are engaged in similar activities. This Council project identifies  best practices for natural resources evaluation systems that have emerged since the TRPA system was adopted in 1982 and identifies those worthy of further consideration.

This evaluation addressed two questions:

(1) What are the current “best practices” that may have application to Lake Tahoe?

(2) What pitfalls should be avoided in designing a natural resource evaluation system?

The assessment also consider more specific questions, including: How are the evaluation systems organized? What scientific practices and principles are used? What are the data requirements for each system? How are results communicated, and how are those results used to make changes? Areas of system commonalities and differences were also noted.

Contact for further information: Robert Larsen (

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