Decision Support Framework for the Upper Truckee River

Peer reviews of the 2011 and 2015 TRPA threshold evaluations encouraged the agency to break out of the silo evaluation used in the current threshold standard system, and to consider a more ecosystem-based approach to threshold evaluation and resource management. This is particularly important when evaluating threshold standards that cut across multiple resource categories, or projects expected to benefit multiple threshold standards.


Two projects have been conceived by the Council that will contribute information and tools relevant to a more integrated approach to threshold assessment, as well as objectively evaluating large scale projects purporting to provide multiple benefits in a changing environment. This project will initiate assembly of the structural elements necessary to develop a decision support framework for the largest watershed in the Tahoe Basin. A second parallel project, though not addressed here, will complement this effort by examining the organization and general operation of existing environmental evaluation systems, and their associated decision support systems.  The aim of that project is to compare and contrast the benefits and disadvantages of these systems relative to the existing TRPA Threshold evaluation system. 

Contact for further information: Alison Toy, natoy@ucdavis.edu


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